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It's been a day 
22nd-Jul-2011 08:08 pm
Pirate Mouse
Pants beyond bankrupt. Last I was caught up it was sometime in May. Plan to catch up. Been busy working on the Chickens basement and keeping the cops from fining me for my poor mowing skills at Mariposa. The basement work was my "project" for this deployment. I'm very nearly done, and the spouse is very nearly home. Has made the US, and indeed by now I expect his base, intact. And now it's a race to see whether he'll arrive before I'm done or not.

On Wednesday at the start of Art Fair, I visited the booth of Tim Bastianse -- "my favorite jeweler". Even when work is really busy I try to get away for "lunch" on Wednesday. Walk one block of Main Street (and buy something from Tim -- often something I've never heard of before), then walk the 2 blocks to the Post Office and get my one dose of mail during Art Fair. This I did. (My new Tim piece is something from China they call Picasso Jasper.)

I often visit another jeweler, Yanke, on Liberty, but he wasn't where he usually is, so I didn't go past his booth.

Today I left after work and zoomed to the Post office (again = bonus!), and then did the block of Main beyond the one I'd done on Wednesday, spending some time visiting with an old friend from my HS days who is now an artist. I'm way too conservative for most of the pieces at Luna Parc, but I found one I liked that I would wear and bought it. He threw in an earring -- a Dictionary/Thesaurus. Too cool!

Figuring to visit more with Tim, I walked back on Main -- and discovered the Yanke booth, where I found a lovely, HUGE, amethyst ring -- It even fit my currently sausage-like fingers. I just don't wear rings that big. Nor do I tend to spend $5,800 on the ones I do wear. But if I did, that puppy would be mine! He does wonderful work. Just before I left a "you look familiar" person came up -- turns out I'd worked with him at the Bagel Factory back in '79 or '80'

Went to Sam's while hungry. 'Nuff said.

Since I'm not living in Mariposa, I don't bait the live-trap -- but with as many problems as we've had, and as many food stores and nests as I keep finding, I set it & try to check it every day. I cannot swear I checked it yesterday, but today I found my first non-live capture in a state of rigor. I'm sad about that, buried it in the back yard, and found a positive in the fact that I don't have to walk it 2 miles away.
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