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I have been getting a good bit of spam in LJ, usually on one specific posting from 2009. Usually the posting is in Russian. The one I just got, though, was in Hebrew.

On Monday I was in a section of town I'm not usually in, and saw a bank, and remembered that I needed cash. I had to get out of the car to reach the ATM, and just before I got my money a car pulled up behind me. Ok, I'll admit I was exhausted (the weekend had been filled with way too little sleep and way too much hard work) and maybe a little flustered. I took my money, popped into the car, and drove away.

A short way down the highway a car pulls alongside and toots its horn. And I see the driver holding up my ATM card. I thanked him at the time, but I send up a further thanks to tell the universe about the young man who didn't need to, but who got onto the highway in a difficult-to-get-back-to location without first doing whatever he'd gone to that bank to do.

I would feel no less grateful, but somewhat less chagrin, if I had not managed to leave my card in an ATM about 2 weeks before.
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