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Satisfied Customer!!! 
8th-Jun-2011 07:29 pm
Happy Bug
I just had a wonderful experience with a plumber: Gary's Plumbing Service. (734) 660-6186.

I wanted a backup sump pump for Chickens, and I was prepared to get a submersible as well, as I didn't trust the one that had been there. (It was rusting) And I didn't see a way to put a lid on the crock unless a submersible were used, and we'd been dinged in the inspection for not having a lid.

When we met to discuss the work desired, he came by during the half hour before I needed to leave for work, so as not to impact my work schedule. He came by on a weekend. He came by after work. There were some tricky things with my setup, items that his local shop didn't have in stock, so he had to come out more times than we'd expected originally. Plus, I thought of other tasks I wanted him to do, like running the gas line for the stove I wanted to buy.

Chickens is a no-shoes house -- a rule I don't tend to try to enforce on service people -- but he took his shoes off without being asked.

There were various things that since he touched them, he upgraded them to "code" -- items I would never have noticed nor thought twice about if he hadn't.

He was always between 5 minutes early to exactly on time, except for the time that the highway wasn't moving. He called 10 minutes before he was due to be here to let me know.

There were several things I asked him about -- "how should I do this", and he offered to take care of the task. (Would have taken me much more time, and I'd have had to buy the supplies, and the tasks would have been performed with less skill, so I was very grateful.)

After doing the first 2/3 of the job, he didn't let me pay for it -- suggesting I wait until he was all done. After he did the other tasks, there was still something not quite right with the sump pump, so he didn't let me pay for the 1/3 of the job that was done.

One of my white towels/rags got mixed up in his as he was cleaning his workspace, and he brought it back on his next visit -- clean.

After the tricks up his sleeve didn't work to fix the odd problem, he went away and asked someone more familiar with the backup sump pump. That person had an answer. He'd seen the problem (gurgling at the end of the pump cycle as the pump sucks air and the backup exhausts some of the water that was in the pipes) once before, and the solution was to install a little crooked air vent thing -- which most houses have between the top of the exhaust and where it goes into the sewer -- but chickens just didn't. Gary did this, and it was amazing. The pump is now very quiet.

NOW he gave me an invoice and let me pay.

I've lost count of the ways I was surprised and delighted by his service. Highly recommended.
9th-Jun-2011 09:55 am (UTC)
Sounds like a great experience!! :)
9th-Jun-2011 04:49 pm (UTC)
It was indeed. I'm very pleased. Spouse is right, we need to start our web-site with recommendations and dis-recommendations. This fellow definitely goes in the first column.
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