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Happy customer

Many years ago, my spouse bought me a "scanpan". It's a non-stick pan which you don't need to be concerned about being careful with. The interior coating is Ceramic/Titanium. The outside you might be able to scratch. It quickly became my favorite pan, and I used it for cooking soup, rice, candy - you name it.

A few years ago it was non-stick no more. There were blemishes on the inside that I attributed to lax cleaning but however hard I scrubbed, I just couldn't get it clean. Recently, I looked more closely, and decided that it was actually not stuff stuck on, but blemishes in the surface. My non-stick titanium pan was "rusting".

They have a lifetime warranty on their products, so I went on-line to figure out what to do. Sent them e-mail. They responded with a Return Authorization, and photographs of examples of various damage, much of which was not covered by their warranty.

I shipped it back at my expense. Per their suggestion, I did NOT return the lid. Per their suggestion, I sent it insured. I also requested a return receipt. I still have not received their signature -- but I am not fretting yet -- I'm too busy to cook just now.

It's been raining, and this morning I found a soggy box on the porch. In the soggy box was a soggy "invoice" detailing the enclosure and a somewhat less soggy box including a new pan, a new lid (!), and a cute pan-handle covering "potholder" thingy. I suspect that is the current way the pot is sold.

Yeah, I'm a satisfied customer. They're not inexpensive, but I think they're worth it.
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