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wotta day, mower comparisons 
5th-May-2011 10:55 am
I had intended to run pretty much straight home last night in order to get more mowing done -- but my car was in the shop, and the shuttle driver was new, and it took me over an hour to get my car back, so I had to work later than I had planned. I didn't quite put in 8 hours (but I did over 9 the day before, so it'll balance) and when I left, I headed North instead of South. Had learned that the father of a coworker had passed suddenly, and there would be visitation. This was in Brighton and my GPS doesn't know about the roundabouts there. I had no problems on the way out -- but on the way back I ended up accidentally in a shopping mall rather than on the highway, so I took that as an omen and did some shopping. I considered getting a Costco card and filling the tank... but I think I'll not do that until we have a local one. (If I spend over a gallon to get cheaper gas, I'm probably not saving.) Instead I looked in on another store that I may buy something from in a month or two. Back on the highway, and my car said "feed me". I stopped at my Wednesday store and then filled the tank (@ $4.219) and got home by 7pm. Finished mowing the front yards with the cordless. (Had started on Monday.) I continued mowing the back yard -- using the Fiskars. I think for a first-mow in deep grass this beats the cordless hands down. And it's so quiet I could talk on the phone while mowing. However, it only plays with the dry leaves leftover from the previous fall, so my next pass on the back will probably be with the (mulching) cordless. But gosh, I really like the Fiskars. I would have been comfortable mowing past dark, but I found something that made me sad and which I felt I needed to deal with sooner. (Yeah, I am interrupt driven.) I have a bird feeder that holds thistle seed. I think it's supposed to attract finches. One poor little greedy bird had managed to get inside of the feeder, and then could not get out. By the time I was done with that, it was solid dark out, so I put the mower, and my car, away. I had managed to lock my keys into Mariposa. *sigh* Had gone in to get a drink and forgotten to grab them. I'm pretty sure that the robin's nest (in the usual place atop the electrical meter) was not there on Monday, but it was there now. I hope my mowing hasn't caused them to desert their eggs again.

Found a box of about the right size, brought it back to Chickens, where I set up a package I hope to mail today. Then I realized that I had gotten up at 6-something on Tuesday (to vote), at 6-something on Wednesday (to get my car to the shop), and I was TIRED. Went to bed, and didn't get up until 10 hours later, when I realized I had overslept. *sigh* (Yes, I'm still tired.) And I had the strangest, most interesting, dream. But that's the topic for another post.
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