mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Fighting with Technology

Still new to this. Was thinking about adding one friend a day, just to keep it down to a not-too unmanageable list.

But then I thought "but what of... and what of ..." and I added about a dozen folks.

And most of them showed up on the friends list.

Then I tried to add someone whose page looked different, and the links I'd gotten used to weren't there. But I found another way to do it, I thought... but he didn't appear -- and his postings weren't on my "friends" page.

Huh? Then I realized that someone I'd added yesterday also hadn't appeared.

Looked at the faqs. I think they said that *everyone* was allowed something like 750 "Friends" -- and here I am at 9, so I shouldn't have hit a limit.

Added another woman, and she didn't appear either. Hmph.

Played around a bit more, and found yet a third way to add people. Went back to the first 2 of those -- and the message was that they already were friends.

And the message said that if I clicked on the "here's your friends page" link, I could see their posts. Nope.

I hate it when computers lie to me
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