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Home from FKO 
3rd-Apr-2011 08:48 pm
Music, Travel
Another FKO has come and gone. It was a wonderful time -- despite needing to be in bed so early both nights, and needing to leave so early so as to make it home still awake today.

Very happy to have seen all the people I saw, talked with all the people I managed to chat with, and heard all the great music that I did. And the hugs. And the laughs. And the chocolates. Very glad I went.

The last 50 km or so in Canada (down the 402) were pretty bad. I saw 6 cars in various stages of playing kissy-face with the tree line, exiting the road, or being investigated by police or fire trucks. After the first (which I must have just missed -- a car was still backing up to help as another person was running toward the car) I slowed to about 80... and after the 2nd which was about 3 cars in front of me I slowed to about 60. Back in the States, the temperature moved above 34 finally, but there were still more cars off the road in awkward positions.

I filled up just before entering Canada, and made it most of the way home on that tank. I think I got just under 40 mph.
4th-Apr-2011 02:37 am (UTC)
Glad I came home early and beat the snow home, I hope Darby's drive home from London went as well as yours.
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