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Wow. For the first time in I don't remember how long, I got the 13… 
19th-Mar-2011 03:36 pm
Wow. For the first time in I don't remember how long, I got the 13 hours of sleep I say/think I want. I was down from about 2am until 3pm.

Dreams were... interesting. I dreamed a lot (I usually do) but the only ones I remember were either gay male cartoon pornography, or dealing with the destruction of our house around us. (I remember a huge crack in it, growling at the girl next door who looked up and saw me. though it, and my plan to fix it with a towel (folded just so, and soaked in some anti-critter liquid) and perhaps duct tape.)

Oh yeah, and going over to a friend's house/apartment (which was difficult since they'd taken the sidewalk away, and I had to use some scaffolding they didn't want people on, so once I'd gotten close I had to figure out how to get down the 40 or 50 feet where they'd taken the steps away and sealed the passage by filling it with twine) where they'd hired some folks to help clean up. I was watching as one of the guys shoveled a pile of something near the corner, and jumped back as something -- large -- moved. He recovered when he realized it was just a flock of black-colored birds. He clipped their wings so they couldn't fly away, except for the peacock that came out later, where he clipped a bit of it's halo feathers (not sure what they're called) which confused it so it couldn't fly. The friend told me that the association would be regulating the cost of these workers somewhat -- the workers heard and started kvetching about how they'd BETTER get their full rate.
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