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I put the spackle in the microwave... 
5th-Mar-2011 02:53 pm
Spouse is gone for the weekend. The last time someone painted the upstairs (Chickens) bathroom, they did it with some sort of flat paint that is now chipping, cracking, and peeling badly. I figured that given a weekend I should be able to paint a tiny room with a lot of wall space taken up by things like a shower, a mirror, a window, and a closet.

Ya would think.

Yesterday I got started trying to get the chipping paint off -- at least to the point that I could sand-smooth it and paint over it hopefully successfully.

What I learned on the about 4 square feet I started on was that
- Just because it's chipping off doesn't mean it will come off easily...
- ... or at all.
- Ergonomically designed hand-sanders are wonderful.
- I need to experience my power sander more before I really understand what to do with it.
- you can do more damage to a wall, more quickly, with a hand-held combo putty knife paint scraper thingy that you can with a power sander.

I finally gave up on reaching a stopping point last night and went to bed.

This "morning" so far I've confirmed that the neato paint scraper is deadly to drywall.
Either that or I've used it to uncover previous damage, but my money is on the former.
AND, even if I had remembered to multiply my estimate of the time it would take by 2 pi, I would still have been optimistic. So far I've made progress on (but not completed) about half of the first wall.
5th-Mar-2011 08:05 pm (UTC)

Yeah, my house has plaster and lath, and I damaged *that* with a putty knife, removing wallpaper. This was after applying a solution to loosen the glue.

I seriously doubt sanding is a practical alternative for removing wall paper, either. :-)

Would you believe they papered not only the ceiling of the bedroom, but the wall _and ceiling_ of the bedroom closet?! In _multiple layers_?!?!
5th-Mar-2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
Ok. THAT tops painting a bathroom with flat paint.
6th-Mar-2011 12:22 am (UTC)

Not trying to top anything. Just commiserating about home repairs/maintenance. And pointing out the dangers of paint scrapers and putty knives. :-)
7th-Mar-2011 06:02 pm (UTC)
Fair enough. I actually didn't take it as an attempt at topping, but I acknowledge that it could have been a lot worse on my end than it was. Still working... Likely not going to even get it primed before the spouse gets home. This time.
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