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busy, changes 
1st-Mar-2011 01:31 pm
My world's been quite busy recently. Saturday I went for a walk with a few friends, and then out to lunch.

We'd planned to go to Sze-Chuan West, an establishment -- for it seems forever -- in Ann Arbor, but when we got there the sign on the door said they had gone out of business.

There was a different nearby Chinese restaurant, so we gathered there and ate. Went home and spent most of 6 hours getting as far done on the taxes as we could. I need to research one item, and I am awaiting one other item which has not been mailed yet, but it seems we'll get a rebate -- of less than half what it was last year.

Sunday until 16:00 we were working, mostly in the garage. Then out for food, shopping (I hate shopping), and back home about 20:00. I was fried, but there's a task I need to do 4 times a year, and it was upon me, so I was up past 1am working on that.

Monday I got home from work about 18:15, and immediately started working on laundry. Processed a box of my fabric that a mouse had gotten into while it was in storage, salvaging what I could, and disposing of the rest. 3 loads later, with various other stuff done in the gaps while the machines were running, and it was 11pm.

I really would like to cook occasionally, but I just don't see how I ever could. Maybe I'll need to start doing what I did >15 years ago -- be completely antisocial, cook 3 many-person meals on the weekends, and then trade off having them for lunch and dinner over the next week. And have to eat out if I ever go to a con.
1st-Mar-2011 07:41 pm (UTC)
If you want dishes like Szechuan West used to have, the original Sze Chuan, in Canton (MI), is still serving the same recipes.
5th-Mar-2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
I liked the food, but really it was the environment, the location, the memories it holds (I once locked someone out of his car in that parking lot -- accidentaly) -- I just hate it when things that make up my "this is Ann Arbor" image go away.

However, I performed an interesting combination between "LOL" and "snort" when I reached your (important) parenthetical clarification.
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