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Excellent weekend 
13th-Feb-2011 04:48 pm
Excellent weekend so far.

Friday I went to the Valentines Day Dinner Dance -- watched some lovely dancing and listened to some great music put on by the Farmington Community Band -- Big Band (or whatever that sub-group is called.) And the food, while great as always, had less poison than usual, so I found it even better than in prior years. I ate way too much.

Saturday I attended a wedding I had been waiting for with great anticipation. The venue was the Michigan Theatre, and we did indeed get popcorn! Then off to Webers for an evening of ... Hmmm... listening to some great music and watching some dancing. And partaking of the open bar. And eating way too much.

Sunday, back at Webers, I attended the buffet which was simply amazing... and at a simply amazing price. I would not have been shocked to spend twice or thrice that amount. Granted, the coffee was in addition to the buffet, but WOW -- that was some spectacular food. I ate way too much and then went back for seconds.

Then I brought some friends to Chickens and we checked out Monstrosity. What fun.

Also on Sunday, the spouse completed yet another full length Marathon -- the Mardi Gras Marathon down in New Orleans.

So I am emulating a slug (except for the bit about leaving a trail of slime), and spouse is attaining new heights.
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