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2nd-Feb-2011 08:39 pm
I went to work this morning.
(a) Because I'm stupid
that's beside the point!
(b) Because I am not set up to telecommute
I'm not, but I had okayed it with my boss yesterday that I do so anyhow.
(c) Because I didn't know any better
Actually I did -- that's why I got my boss to agree to let me work from home. I was aware both that my car is NOT the best thing to be out in in this weather, and that it was extremely unlikely that the snow plow will be through our sub before Friday.
(D) Because situations conspired to not permit me to set myself up to telecommute... and I really had to spend time working.

It took between 20 & 45 minutes (I don't know when I left) to get out of my subdivision, but the rest of the drive in was fine.

When I got back to the subdivision this evening, I noticed that a wonderful neighbor had plowed (I originally thought) one lane. It was on the wrong side of the street, but I took it. Got me within about 10 yards of the bottom of the driveway. Then I hit the ruts and plowed to a halt. I'd made some progress before the Spouse, who was out shoveling, came by and started to shovel me a path. While I was sitting there not moving as he worked, I saw a monstrosity of a snow thrower that could have been designed by Stephen King coming up behind my car. It's person spoke to Spouse, and they cleared enough of the driveway to get me off of the street.

Then I spent the next hour + shoveling. It would not be accurate to say that my back and my unhappy rotator cuff are not speaking to me, but they're surely not saying anything civil.
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