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Satisfied customer 
14th-Jan-2011 08:18 pm
Happy Bug
I suppose it's bad form to give away the tale in the subject line. Oh well.

Back in November I had a coupon to use for Bed Bath and Beyond mail order, and I did so. The item I ordered was a shelf-thing with hard plastic drawers. It arrived promptly. A month and a half later, I had time and space to open the box. Assembled it. Realized, rather near the end of this process that 3 of the drawers were badly broken. The plastic must have shattered during or before shipping.

Last week I brought the broken bits in to the local store. They protested that they don't carry the unit. I suggested that they could have corporate send them a replacement, and when it arrived, I could come in and take what I needed. I didn't really want to take apart all the assembly I had done in order to ship something back and await a replacement which might be at least as broken. I did NOT expect them to quickly say "ok".

I don't trust easily, especially not large companies, so I was not completely happy when they said that they didn't need to give me a receipt for the broken pieces I was leaving, but that I could just bring my old receipt in and pick up what I needed when it arrived.

Today I got a call from Scott. The item had arrived. (And indeed, as I suspected/feared, several of the drawers were broken.) I just needed to come in and give them my name, and take what I needed.

That was the theory. The problem, though, was not what I expected. Amazingly, nobody questioned my right to the items. They just couldn't find them. After involving at least 4 employees, including one who called Scott, they found the pile of drawers. (They'd all expected an intact, entire, box.) I took what I needed, brought it home, and finished the assembly.

Today I was surprised and delighted by Bed Bath and Beyond.
15th-Jan-2011 01:59 am (UTC)
Great news and good to know about the company!! :)
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