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Happy New Year all.

It's been a hectic last month or so.
We decided to go off to Germany/Austria for the holidays and a Family Reunion.
I decided to knit gifts for 4 of the folks I'd be seeing out there.
The Spouse thought I was working the 24th so our plane was scheduled for the 25th. This flight was canceled (boo) -- but they called us (yay) and our reschedule for later (yay) the next day (yay) included business class (YAY!) on the long leg from Atlanta to Munich. (No, I'd probably still not pay for it, but ... wow!).
Chickens finally came through, in a sort of Cesarean, self-inflicted manner, increasing and diversifying our work-load. Much time was spent shopping. 4 precious knitting-hours were re-allocated to steam-cleaning carpets. Many hours spent assembling furniture and setting up computer and whatnot.

I finished the 3rd item on the 25th (using about 13 hours of my extra time at home). I didn't sleep much on the flight, working frantically on the 4th item. Was knitting on most of the 3 trains we needed to take to get to Austria & hook up with the kin. Unfortunately I didn't finish it by the time we arrived (boo) but I did before the next morning (yay) and we did our half of the gift exchange. Somewhere along the way (due to the weight of my luggage or to the knitting?) I damaged a shoulder. (boo).

We brought snowshoes (I'd bought mine a year ago and have never used them) and cold weather gear -- but the day we thought we'd have time it was wet, warm, and yucky, so we didn't go. The night before a subset of the family (including me) went on a toboggan run. I can add adrenaline to the list of things (like caffeine and endorphins) that either don't exist or don't treat me well. I went down the "slow" hill 3 times, using up about half the time I had, and then I joined the older generation, drank coke, and tried to stop shaking. Glad I did it, but...

I don't remember recently being as relaxed as I was out there. It was a GREAT vacation.

We had to leave too soon -- the cab to the Wörgl Hauptbahnhof was pricier than we'd expected (but still more convenient than a bus), and the ICE train we'd wanted was cancelled, so we went back the way we'd come, changing trains twice. (boo). My luggage (I had no carry-on -- having used that for carrying gifts out) was BARELY under-weight (yay).

I didn't sleep much, using my time on the long hop from Amsterdam to Metro watching movies. I saw "Salt", "Robin Hood", and "Prince of Persia". Got home about 6:45 and unloaded the car. By about 7 I was down for a nap -- with my watch set to beep at 8:30 so I could go to my standard NYE party. Spouse says he told me the time twice before, but I didn't wake up or hear them -- but when he said "it's 10pm" I woke up! We ran off to the party, staying until about 1. Spouse dropped me off then drove down to Ohio to see some of his guys (who are being deployed) off.

I was in bed by 2 am on the first, up at 9, working on my finances, taking only 2 breaks, until 8:30 pm, when I went down for another nap. Up at 1:30 am, (yes, 5 hours sounds about right for a nap for me) worked more for about an hour, then back down until nearly 9am. And now I'm at work, planning on putting in enough hours so that I can get my time in before Thursday, and fly off to Georgia on Friday.

So I'd best stop typing and go do that.

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