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19th-Nov-2010 10:34 am
Bad food
Has anyone else noticed that Yahoo Mail seems to be "broken"?

Yesterday I got something purporting to be from fb, and when I opened it, it was an ad. But the header didn't match what I'd clicked on. I figured that some spammer had just hacked FB.

Today I got 3 e-mails relating to the 3 responses to my LJ yesterday -- The first one matched, the 3rd one gave me the contents of the 2nd, and the 2nd one gave me:

Hi mbumby_mi, Mega discounts. dose an of Peter a
From: "Order Pfizer Online".

etcetera. (I think that's the same item that I received yesterday.)

When I try to download the pictures or move to previous e-mails, it tells me I'm trying to access something that's been deleted.

In other news, my _other_ super-power (to catch non-contagious diseases from friends) is being annoying. I read earlier this week about a grown woman who developed acne on her forehead... and last night when I was prepping for bed... well, my forehead is all broken out. Might not be acne, but I still wish it would stop.
19th-Nov-2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
Yahoo is still around?
19th-Nov-2010 04:19 pm (UTC)
Amusingly, the mail announcing this response hit the spam bucket. :-)
20th-Nov-2010 12:48 am (UTC)
I had to switch LJ notifications from yahoo back to gmail ever since an lj news post told people they could put lj stuff in their spam folder if they were so inclined. From that point on all my lj notifications were automatically being sent to my spam folder. I still have fb stuff going to yahoo and as yet nothing unusual.
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