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Has anyone else noticed that Yahoo Mail seems to be "broken"?

Yesterday I got something purporting to be from fb, and when I opened it, it was an ad. But the header didn't match what I'd clicked on. I figured that some spammer had just hacked FB.

Today I got 3 e-mails relating to the 3 responses to my LJ yesterday -- The first one matched, the 3rd one gave me the contents of the 2nd, and the 2nd one gave me:

Hi mbumby_mi, Mega discounts. dose an of Peter a
From: "Order Pfizer Online".

etcetera. (I think that's the same item that I received yesterday.)

When I try to download the pictures or move to previous e-mails, it tells me I'm trying to access something that's been deleted.

In other news, my _other_ super-power (to catch non-contagious diseases from friends) is being annoying. I read earlier this week about a grown woman who developed acne on her forehead... and last night when I was prepping for bed... well, my forehead is all broken out. Might not be acne, but I still wish it would stop.
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