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Yet again, folks 
2nd-Nov-2010 02:43 pm
Pirate Mouse
I guess it's officially getting cold. Spouse has the day off of work, and has escorted yet another uninvited guest a few miles away. (Again, the small trap was "tripped" but the large trap did the job.) Gotta figure out where Gandalf-mouse scratched his rune and find a way to discourage this.

This one had large eyes, was tawny-brown in color, and didn't want to leave. Other than the color, it sounds disturbingly like the "otter-like" one I released a short while ago.
2nd-Nov-2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
When my folks live-trapped squirrels and mice, the same ones kept coming back (identified by spots on the fur and scars) until they took them across a river.
3rd-Nov-2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
So far the ones I've released have all been different. (Can't speak to whether the spouse and I have released the same ones.) I hope I don't see any of the same ones, because I have committed to setting a snap trap if I do. I like critters, and I think they have their place, but that place is not in my house (messing up/in my stuff), so once I've told them they're not welcome, I expect them to NOT come back.

My OVFF hat had been in a bag for a few years, and when I pulled it out on Friday at the con, I dumped a mess of bird-seed onto my head. I think it was only a stash, not a nest, though, because I only saw pre-processed food, and the fiber wasn't damaged.
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