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I think I gushed a bit ago, when I read _Rosemary and Rue_ by Seanan… 
17th-Oct-2010 11:44 am
I think I gushed a bit ago, when I read _Rosemary and Rue_ by Seanan Mcguire.

I might have mentioned how I got through the first 80% of it on a day when my computer was misbehaving, and I needed to sit there and hit buttons whenever it returned with a question. I might have mentioned that despite being always-tired, a few days later I couldn't take it any more, and stayed up until 2am to finish reading the book. And the preview of the next book. Which I then went out and bought. (Not at 2am. I think it was the next day.)

Since Seanan was at WorldCon in Australia, I had hoped to be able to buy book 3, but it wasn't out yet.

So, despite the fact that I am not really a Zombie fan, I bought _Feed_ by Mira Grant instead. (And bless her heart, she signed it for me!!!)

Things are going nuts and I have less time now than I did while reading R&R, but I've been staying up late, devouring this book.

Last night, I thought I had gotten to the final crescendo, and I wanted to get back to it. At various times before I finished, I realized that the previous final crescendo was merely a herald of things to come.

I have loved characters in the books I've read since I was a child. I cried over Thorin. I wept over the loss of Susan. I sobbed over the unfairness of the tragedy of Cuchulain and his enchanted sword. I still cry when a tale reaches out and plucks my heart strings.

It's a zombie book. And further, it's a Mira Grant book. I know I shouldn't allow myself to get too emotionally involved with any of the characters. And indeed, they didn't reach out and command me - but the book was like a story told about those kids I remember from grade school. "Oh, she did what?" "Good for him!" And when one of them suffered an emotional loss, I felt it.

And I loved the little asides that were tossed in. The pun in the title. The candidates (and no, I made no assumption on gender) mentioned in one election, which, by the year, was not a presidential race. I didn't laugh out loud only because my spouse was trying to sleep. And nearer the end, I wanted to hug her for the quick reference to the spouse of the congresswoman.

I'm still not a Zombie fan, but oh my word, I love me some seanan_mcguire. And yeah, I'll probably be buying me the next Newsflesh book.
17th-Oct-2010 08:04 pm (UTC)
Last week I was wishing once again that I knew how to articulate what it is I like or don't like about a book because I enjoyed Rosemary and Rue very much, but a good friend of mine - who in the great majority of cases shares my tastes in books - found it almost unreadable.

Thanks for the encouragement to read "Feed" - it's nice to know what to look for next, and I knew she wrote it but not that it would be likely to be so engaging.
19th-Oct-2010 01:23 pm (UTC) - Feed

Yep, was hilarious. Heather (who hates Zombies) has read the book three or four times.

If I can make a suggestion - they did a website for the book, and some of it's pretty funny. Check it out at:


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