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Once again, folks

Last night I got home with barely the minutes required to nuke something somewhat resembling food and get to the computer before the call I'd signed up for arrived. While I was on the call, the spouse got home ... and discovered another mouse. This one clearly different from the previous one -- much larger, and more "poingy". The rocking single-use-at-a-time traps have now caught 4, and the larger metal condo unit 3 since I started keeping track. No, I don't have little mousy nose-art on the traps.

Usually I don't post dreambits, since my dreams are usually long and complicated and need a lot of explanation to make any sense -- but I think politix are beginning to get to me. The last dream I had before waking up had my dream-self wondering what the Republicans were thinking by nominating R. M. Nixon to be the next president. My dream-self pondered on it. Thought that while he was in office he wasn't deserving of much respect, but that he had redeemed himself quite a bit since then. Decided that maybe it wasn't a bad decision after all. But then, what was HE thinking by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate...

It wasn't until I was driving to work, still pondering this, that I realized that it MUST have been a dream, since I think RMN is no longer eligible for the job.
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