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Marathon day part 1 
18th-Sep-2010 10:44 am
Music, Travel
(1) Boy are my pants bankrupt. But I am trying to salvage them, going back through each of my friends and lists individually until the middle of August. I might skim more, though, follow fewer links, or just inadvertently miss something, so I apologize.

(2) I drove down to Ohio last night to watch my spouse run in the Air Force Marathon at Wright Patterson Air Force Base today.

(3) Was in bed by 11-or-so. Watch alarm set for 7:00. Spouse was up in the 4-something time-frame, out in the 5-something time-frame. I think. At 7:30 something in my dream made me choose to wake up and look at the clock. 7:30. Oops.

(4) Up, dressed, showered... um, reorder that, coffee, and a very-dead granola bar, and at a touch past 8:30 I was out at the street. The 7-mile mark is right at lodging. I saw the 5:00 pace-person go by (since they started at 7:15, that should be 8:39, I think). I set up my stool and started watching. It would have felt disrespectful to either do crosswords or my sock-knitting (Yes, Mary - I'm finally using your yarn & pattern) so I did neither. One of the first folks to go by had a stash of small flags & gave me one. I suck at holding things in my hands, so I tucked it through the weave of my cheap-o hat I keep in the car. Many folks thanked me for coming out, or being out. Here are some other quotes:
      Great imitation of a Statue!
      Best Seat in the House!
      I like your John Deere! (I was sitting in the shade, a little chilly, and wearing my JD sweatshirt.)
      Does everyone get to kiss you?
Ok, that last was right after the spouse went by at about 8:52.
Another person and I had a small conversation. "How are you?" "I'm doing fine, how are _you_?" "Oh, just out for a little stroll." This from a fellow in gray-green military-style clothing and a pack on his back.

(5) Despite the laws of physics, and the spouses protestations, I then walked from mile 7 to mile 10, and sat to wait for them to come back around. Got there about 9:16. The military monitor-person had not seen 5:00 go by, but I think she wasn't looking and I just missed him. About 9:23 I saw "out for a stroll". He was focusing more on his strolling, and I'm not sure he either saw or recognized me. I was sitting in the sun, so I'd taken off my John Deere, but I was still wearing the silly hat with the flag. About 9:27 something that might have been a biplane went over. I was just inside the gate, so really just past mile 10 I think. There was a great deal of festivity and music from that direction. There was also a sign warning caution due to the alien sightings. One pair of women I think recognized me, as they pointed and giggled. One fellow said "you moved". (To which I responded. "I did. You did too." He laughed and said that he guessed he did.)

(6) The music played some sort of dub thingy that included the Kennedy "man on the moon and returning him safely" speech, and also "the Eagle has Landed". Then a familiar thing started. I saw spouse coming, with his hand to his ear. He was probably calling me since he hadn't seen me *at* mile 10. Unfortunately, in scrabbling for my phone, I missed some camera shots, but I think I got one. He saw me and hung up just before I got to the phone. "That was me." He identified the music as Dr. Who.

(7) I started packing my stuff up, and a new musical thing started. I thought it was the Cantina band from Star Wars, but then it was saying "Light speed isn't fast enough; we need ludicrous (?) speed" and "Watsa matter, Col. Sanders, Chicken?" I kept walking. True to form, although I was walking back the route I'd come, none of it looked familiar. But I somehow managed to not make any wrong turns. And oasis-like, the "high rise" (my lodging landmark -- all 4 stories of it) appeared to be one block away for at least 3 blocks.

(8) Back to the room about 10. Since I expect spouse across the finish line no earlier than 12:30, I have a bit of time to post this -- but since I don't want to miss him like I did last year, I expect I'll want to leave her no later than 11. Eeep? That's 15 minutes from now!
18th-Sep-2010 06:17 pm (UTC) - Hello
Nice to read a long post from you. Thanks for keeping us posted. (And btw, could it possibly happen that at a national rock concert, the promoter would come on stage and say, "The Eagles have landed."?)

20th-Sep-2010 10:42 pm (UTC) - Re: Hello

18th-Sep-2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
> saying "Light speed isn't fast enough; we need ludicrous (?) speed" and "Watsa matter, Col. Sanders, Chicken?"

Sound like a quote from a Zucker Brothers/Leslie Nielson type film. Or Mel Brooks Spaceballs.

Yes, Spaceballs.

20th-Sep-2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
That makes sense. I remember seeing Spaceballs, but I don't remember much from it. (Bad memory plus low tolerance for low humor?) So someone's done a "dub" (or whatever it's called) tune mingling SW & SB. Well, allright then!
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