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When obsessions meet 
19th-Aug-2010 06:10 pm
I'm mingling a couple of my crafty obsessions. I fell in love with the moebius scarf the first time I saw one, and similarly after a friend told me about felting. What fun. I have one of Cat Bordhi's books where she talks about making felted boots. I decided not to make real boots, so at MuseCon I started making a tiny boot -- it is now finished (photo here) and I have put a bit of rice in the bottom to stabilize it and have used it to hold my hair sticks. (photo here) It's a bit too tall, but I'll know better for the next one.

(edited to fix image links.)
20th-Aug-2010 01:10 pm (UTC)
Very nice work, Margaret. After reading about the pantry pests at Minnehaha's, I think I would use pebbles instead of rice, but YMMV.

You can google "felt" and "boots" or "shoes" and find a bunch of patterns and ideas online. I've made several pairs, with mixed success -- the bottoms tend to wear out, and they can be slick -- I finally decided I was doing it wrong. The soles should be made of a very durable, coarse wool (such as Dorset or Shetland), not fine wool (like Merino Ramboullet) -- or, better yet, made from leather or rawhide. OTOH, slippers like these can be pleasantly warm when the temperature hovers near zero.
23rd-Aug-2010 03:31 am (UTC)
Oooh, I'm not entitled to read those posts, and I know I have my own pantry pests... but I've never had them get into my rice. My flour, my corn, my birdseed, my CHOCOLATE, on the other hand...

Also, I'd worry a bit about the wood meeting up with the pebbles.

I wonder if the thing to do for boots to be worn might not be to make the whole boot out of something nice and comfy, but to put a sole on -- either something woven for purity, or plastic -- for height & waterproofness and traction.
20th-Aug-2010 06:02 pm (UTC)
Very cool and it looks *really* good with your hair sticks.
23rd-Aug-2010 03:22 am (UTC)
Thank you.
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