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Poor little one 
13th-Aug-2010 11:42 am
Spouse noticed that the porch light (that we have on a motion sensor) was working on Sunday. On Monday, I noticed that it was not. My first attempt to change it failed, because even the small CF bulb was too tall to fit inside of our lantern. But I had a "fan" light that fit. While putting it in, I saw in the dim twilight that the lantern seemed to be full of ... stuff. I wasn't sure whether it was dirt or fly carcasses or what. Once the light came on, though, I can see that it ... was ... a sparrow. He must have managed to squeeze in (one side doesn't have a screw) but not be able to figure out where to push to get out -- or just wasn't strong enough to do so. His activity may have killed the bulb.

I got some advice to wait until it was cold out to take care of it, but I elected to remove the not-yet decaying body from the lantern on Monday evening.

It's discouraging that no matter how lightly I try to tread, just being here will cost the life of some.
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