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Googling for food

A coworker is having a fund raiser & provided food which we could, for a donation, form into a lunch.

There was a fruit plate, with something I didn't recognize. One of the people watching said that it was some woman's favorite fruit -- you peel it like an orange, eat it, and it's very sweet. Named ... something like Kiriki?

Didn't ring any bells for me, so I came back and hunted for "weird fruit strawberry rind bumpy", and I'll bet I have the answer.

If so, I'm familiar with the taste of the fruit, which my mom always called a "lychee nut". But I've never seen it with the rind on.

Peeling it now. The rind is surprisingly thin. The skin remaining around the flesh underneath is reminiscent of a fresh fig -- the fruit appears to be very juicy, and I expect it to leak through the tender-appearing skin. Some of the red from the rind is coloring the inner skin.

I tentatively bit into the skin. Definitely a lychee. The skin, though, is nasty. Very bitter and harsh, but it came off quickly in nearly one piece. The flesh was indeed very juicy, leaving my hands sticky & my pants in need of the laundry. It was VERY tasty, except for the bit around the seed. There was some skin on the inside of the location of the seed (which resembled a small bean) and it was also bitter and nasty.

I wonder if the way to eat these might not be naked in the tub by cutting them in half, popping the flesh off of the inner white skin (it seemed to come away quite easily) and disposing of the seed-area at the same time.

Next to see if I can get it to sprout...
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