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Yes, it's Monday 
12th-Jul-2010 11:21 am
Bit of an annoying morning. The entire corn cob was once again swiped from the squirrel feeder (I suspect a raccoon) so I went to replace it. The bin I've been replacing it from was empty, so I went to my deeper stash. Found something ... odd. A bag that had contained "critter corn" The plastic was still solid above the ziploc, so either I didn't see that when I ripped a hole in the side, or I didn't open it and one of my guest mice did before I moved it to a heavy plastic sealed container... and I didn't notice. The contents of this bag probably weighed under a pound, and were ... the color of dates. Corn cobs don't decompose in my compost bin, but they seem to do so in my stash. Okay. I fed it to the compost bin, hoping it would teach what it knew. Many insects. Yuck.

Drove to work via the Post Office. I had just enough time to grab my stuff and get to work on time, but there was a yellow "you've got a package" card in my box. The line was short, so I waited. 3 minutes in, she was still helping the man at the front of the line, but went off to call for help. 3 minutes later, help arrived and started putting her cash register together. It was at this point 8:59. The woman finished with the man, and started to help the next person in line. The person was still putting her cash register together when, about 3 minutes later, the woman (who was ordering a passport before the price went up) was done, and the early morning person beckoned me up. She got my package, I thanked her, and headed for the door. It looked like a CD. I didn't recognize the "from", but I order bunches of things from eBay, and maybe I forgot... Then I look at the to, and realized it was addressed to the Ann Arbor Film Festival -- whose box number must be 3 off from mine. Polite be damned -- at this point the line is back to the door. I interrupt the woman who had helped me and is not helping the next person in line to point out that it wasn't even my package.

As I'm walking down the stairs to my office, I realize that I don't have my keys. Well, I do, but they're still in my fanny pack... I usually pull them out when I put my blue-tooth into the fanny pack. But I never grabbed my blue tooth this morning. In fact I never even grabbed my phone. I called home, since I'll be seeing the spouse a few hours before I get home -- but he must have already left, so I couldn't ask him to bring my phone. *sigh*
12th-Jul-2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
If you couldn't get the package back to the head of the line, I would have dropped it in the package "mail-slot" bin door, and let it go through the sorting process again.

Best of luck with ducks out of their rows. . .
13th-Jul-2010 05:30 pm (UTC)
I think having learned to sometimes be pushy, giving it back to her (even though it delayed the long line that had been behind me) was the best solution -- (although not very face-saving for her). But yeah, if they were gonna be rude, I could have put it in the mail slot -- or shoved it all the way through my POBox onto the floor beyond if it fit (I think it would have).
13th-Jul-2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
I hate those days but we all have to take turns. It was your turn. ;-)
13th-Jul-2010 05:31 pm (UTC)
Well, hey, if I saved someone else from having a worse day, then it was completely worthwhile.
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