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What I planned to do
I was going to sleep until I woke up at 8am with the radio, then get up, finish processing the stack of mail (I've found some stuff that was due by some time in June, but I'm not to the bottom yet) get caught up on facebook (I've been blowing off walking -- catering to my sprained ankle & extra time doing other things), get more caught up on lj (I finally got below "skip over 1000" a few days ago, but expect I've fallen behind into the "more difficult" territory already), and do some processing of financial stuff I've fallen behind on. Then I was going to leave at about 4 and make a stop on my way to the Top Of The Park to hear 3 different musical groups. I figured I'd get home about 10.

The stop? Well, 2 or 3 years ago I was at work late, and as I was writing my time down preparatory for finally leaving, I realized the date (7/11 on this side of the pond), and thought "It's been decades since I've had a slurpee" -- so I told a friend that it being slurpee day, I was going to partake. I'd never heard it called that; I thought I made it up, but in the next few years I've heard it called that by several other people, and this year I guess 7-11 was giving out free slurpees. I brought my 64 ounce mug, and intended to fill it with a full-sugar coke slurpee product and call it dinner.

What I really did
I got up at 10. For the next 2 hours I tried to read Yahoo mail. It would let me read one message, or select several messages ... but not let me unselect any, or not let me read further... I finished the book I had been reading by the computer when it was unresponsive.

I know I've been having problems because I'm "nearly out of space" on my C: drive. I hiss and spit with scorn because that "nearly out of space" is "only" 400-some MB free. You kids! I remember when 20 meg was HUGE -- I didn't come close to filling 20 percent of that Hard Drive! So I spent the next 2 hours moving a directory that shouldn't be anything but archival and stand-alone programs over to my other, larger, external drive. Well, it would have taken only 2 hours if I'd been sitting there -- but it kept asking questions like "are you sure you want to move this read-only file?" and stating that it just couldn't delete that file. I hand-held it, and finally got everything moved. The one non-deletable file I copied. That was very strange. It was under Myname/Utils/WinZip, and was about 4 years old. I think it was a DLL. It was not marked read-only. It was not either a system or a hidden file. I could not delete it (as myself) from either Windows or Dos... but I could MOVE it... and have moved it to Myname.can'tDelete. I'll try again as admin and if that fails I'll google and have something else to add to my Bag O Tricks.

Anyhow, I cleared about 5 GB on my C: drive. But Yahoo still wouldn't behave, and FB would take 20 minutes or more to display either the hidden items, or the older documents. I resolved in my stubborn way not to leave until I had gotten back to the last time I read FB. At one point it was being extra-ornery, and I took a shower rather than staying at the desk cheering it on. It was about 5pm that I started to recognize posts, so I reloaded at the top, read the most recent few hours, and headed out.

Drove via the 7/11. Not only was their parking lot full, but there were enough cars trying to get in that they were backed out onto the road, so I said "nevermind" ... but if I see a Speedway, I'll fill my HugeMug with Diet Coke to have that with me at the concerts. At one point I was approaching the intersection where I needed to turn right, and thought I'd better get into the Right lane -- there is a gas station on the left, but it's a Total. *ahem* it WAS a Total -- 20 years ago -- but now it's a Speedway. Oh well, I'm in the wrong lane. I got to the parking lot, and while I was walking in at about 5:15 (I'm not sure when Cairn to Cairn started) I heard a song I'm quite familiar with, which I like quite well, and it was being performed very well. I found a seat and stayed. I enjoyed them a lot, but perhaps because I completely lack taste, or perhaps because I'm not familiar with their original stuff, I liked their covers better. The tunes they covered showed very good taste.

While they were performing, Mr. B and his Joybox express drove up. The man had driven a 350 pound piano across Michigan with a BICYCLE! In 96 degree heat for a few days. They were acknowledged, and then they rode out of the way and C2C continued. Then the stage was set for Mr. B. For some reason, all the musicians he had on stage had WONDERFUL leg muscles. Due to my being "half deaf" I don't tend to listen to the announcements between songs, and I'm even less likely to do so at an outside concert. (After a while it's just annoying to stop and listen to bwah bwah BWAH bwah bwabwah bwah.) So I wasn't paying much attention -- but MAN O MAN the tune they turned on really rocked the place. I had a LOT of fun watching (and commenting to the friend who had joined me) that in the one very energetic couple, he looked like he was 16. And she's probably about the same. After that tune ended, I realized that Mr. B had the microphone and was saying something to the white-haired gentleman leaving the stage. Somehow I made out "Thank you Bob Seeley". Oh drat! And I was too busy looking at the dancers to have noticed. Fooey!

When they were done, after an encore, and a few minutes to swap the stage, (during which another person I'd been hoping to see wandered over with his son) George Bedard and the Kingpins started. We were joined by another friend (who had been over with the Morris Dancers who weren't doing anything much when I wandered over there to say hello). Everything was done at about 9:30. Linda Yohn was requesting burly men to come up to the stage to help remove the bicycle. If she hadn't specified the gender I would have been willing to give a hand, but I did want to get home.

I drove home via the 7-11. The parking lot was mostly full (due to a cop car taking up 2 spaces... I considered parking in the gap they'd left, but decided I neither wanted to piss them off nor to risk damage to my car, so I went on. Luckily someone pulled out just before I got there. I did not fill my 64 ounce container. Probably would have cost $6 anyhow! Besides they didn't have coke. Mountain Dew, something blue, and something red and cherry. I took the cherry.

Stopped at the CVS near the house to pick something up... but I got there at 10:10 pm -- no hours are posted outside -- and they were clearly closing up -- and the doors were already locked. Feh. Finally home. The computer seems to be responding better than it was earlier. The ridiculous pauses don't usually take more than 2 minutes to break.

I'm running AdAware. Will find other malware hunters in my Bag O Tricks to see what else might be burning me.

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