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Time is broken, computers are annoying, security is ??? 
10th-Jul-2010 02:41 pm

On my weekly walk, I discovered that my friend who plays in the Greenfield Village Ragtime festival will be playing there in 2 weeks. One of the other people who walks will not be there because he'll be at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. (I need to go there... there's one artist I choose to support.) Oh. 2 weeks. That's when my father in law will be in town (so I'll miss most of art fair during the week), and I'll be leaving for the weekend (so I'll miss art fair & ragtime music on the weekend).

I got home about 45 minutes ago. Noticed in my e-mail that there was a google calendar invite sort of dealy, so I started trying to sign in. No problem, right? Hah! From experience, I can no longer get to Google Calendar unless I use IE. Annoying, but I do leave it on my computers for just this reason. I went to the calendar, and it warned me that the website I was on (http://www.google.com) was trying to access a trusted site (https://www.google.com) and did I want to allow this. I said okay. Then I put in my id & pw, clicked off "remember me", and clicked on the sign on button. It warned me about the "trusted site" again, and I said ok. After I'd said OK 99 more times, I got annoyed & said "no". It gave me a "can't get there" message on the web site, and a popup that told me that since I wasn't an admin, I couldn't install that bit of software. Huh??? I was going to a website, not installing anything. Grumble.

So I logged in as the admin & tried again. It told me "Your browser's cookie functionality is turned off. Please turn it on." I checked. I was accepting first party cookies, and not accepting 3rd party ones. I turned that to "prompt" and tried again. Same message.

Then I looked at the desktop. The last 4 things installed were there. (-3) was a Music Collector product that I recognize. (0) was Gimp 2... and while I don't remember installing Gimp, that doesn't surprise me because I was recently doing graphic manipulation and downloaded many things. (-2) was "Click to Find and Fix Errors". (-1) was "FREE GAMES!" Those just don't look right, so I checked my tray -- I get McAfee free from work. It had a circle-slash over it. Ok, sometimes that happens when it's installing a new version of the scanner... but it shouldn't be doing that now unless I have really bad timing. I looked at the console... Access Protection was disabled. Buffer Overflow Protection was disabled. (Activated both of those.) On Access Scanner was not running... but maybe that only means that I'm not running something now -- I can't see a way to Activate it. Update actually had run at 14:14 (while I was looking at this the first time) today -- so that might explain the circle-slash in the tray -- but that is complete -- I don't know why it's still there now.
10th-Jul-2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you were hit with some malware, specifically the kind that pretends to be a malware blocker while actually disabling the real ones. Suggest downloading a couple of free scanners (I no longer remember the names of the good ones) and trying again.

Also download Google Chrome -- it's a good browser, faster than Firefox, and if it can't open Google Calendar you won't get any fingerpointing when you complain.
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