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Probably dropping Opera, at least at work. 
13th-May-2010 02:58 pm
I've long done work tasks on IE (because for some I need to) and done "me" stuff (yahoo, fb, lj, comics...) between the cracks on Opera. Then I couldn't log into yahoo from Opera and that switched over to IE. Then I couldn't log into FB, so that moved to IE. But I still had a dozen or so tabs open in Opera. Today it told me:

The version of Opera that you are running is old.

You are using an outdated version of Opera. We recommend that you get the latest, fastest and most secure version.

With the "home page" being only "http://portal.opera.com". So I've lost all of the things I was in the middle of. Which was a lot of the why I loved and used Opera. So maybe it's time to make the break. (Opera isn't really supported, and I don't use it for work, so I don't feel right requesting that "the guys" install it on my computer. And as an admin, I must be a good citizen, and careful to not do anything that can break the world, so I'm not going to install/upgrade an unsupported program myself.)

ETA: Perhaps I spoke too hastily. The converstion I went through last night included giving me an entirely new profile -- so this was not just Opera being evil. I went to the old one C:\D&S\me\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\sessions, and copied the autosave.win file into the new location. Opened Opera. Closed it. Copied the autosave back in. Opened it -- and I'm back with all 33 tabs I'd had yesterday!
And since IE now supports opening multiple tabs when it starts (although not as nicely as Opera), if I can work with the IE cache, I think I'm done with Opera here, and will remove it from my quick launch.
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