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Productive weekend

Used to be that when I was alone of a weekend, I'd work, but after too many times of the spouse's return heralding enough extra mess being made that one couldn't tell that I'd been working, I've started having fun on the weekends instead... except when "stuff" piles too high.

The good stuff:

Got out of work soon enough that when the spouse called to say departure was imminent, I said "wait" as I was only 2 minutes out -- so we got to say farewell (until some time on Monday) in person.

I did my exercises on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, as per normal.

I processed, across the 3 days, more dishwasher loads than I care to remember.

I've done 2 loads of laundry except for putting it away.

Inventoried many new items that had made it into the kitchen but not beyond.

Inventoried several books that had made it up to my office.

Made much progress on the baby blanket. Not done yet, but no more than 4 rows to go before it's time to do the border. (And I bought yarn for the border on Thursday.)

Stayed mostly caught up on LJ.

Out-processed all of the "one-each" catalogs that I keep. The pile has gotten too unwieldy, and it was time.

Created a phenomenal amount of paper to recycle, and put it in the bins that are outside. This week the 2 bins will both be paper -- I'll wait on the other stuff.

Changed my oil. (Yes, I do it myself.)

Not sure I can really say I mowed the front lawn... but I used the "blades" on the mower to mash it into something resembling submission, along with the carpet of dry leaves... er... mulch.

When I was mowing on the side of the house, I discovered that the rose bushes that had been next to each other, one of which I think died a few years ago are now both gone -- but a short distance from them, in a clump of unmown grass, is a new baby rosebush.

Got my Day Timer set up for November. (Happens after the finances closed for the prior month.)

Washed my hair, starting with a long, hot, soaky-tub.

Processed a few items into my PDA.

The Mixed stuff:

Listened to more of the language "tapes". (I'm only freaking out now because the one speaker on the German Pimsleur says stuff that my ear says is "wrong". I don't think I'll be able to learn to pronounce "Ich" as "Issh" easily. Don't know if that was for the stupid Americans who can't say it "right" or if the way I was taught it (gulp) over 30 years ago was wrong.)

Prevented several pieces of food from going bad. The bad part of this is that I did it by consuming it, in a not-necessarily good fashion. (For the sour cream, I had to buy ruffles and mix in some Onion soup mix, and for the fat free milk, I had to buy some ice cream and blend it up really well.) Guess this one is mixed on several ways.

Got my "finances" caught up for October -- letting me know how much I owe "joint". The mixed part of this is that it took well over 4 hours, much of which was trying to sign on to one web-site to download credit card information. Sometimes it told me my id/pw was no good, but usually it just ... pretended it was downloading ... but 2 hours later still only had 3 green bars.

Slept from 2:30 am on Sunday until 11:00 am. Good to get so much sleep (although it's really not enough) but bad that I lost out on all the work I could have been doing.

Couldn't find the snake that I thought we owned, but I cleaned out (and plunged) the tub drain (and added chemicals) and it seems to be running somewhat better.

I had a few "outside" tasks to perform. Needed to deposit the check of how much I owed joint. Wanted to withdraw some money from my account, and wanted to get a refill for my ENORMOUS 7-11 mug. Left the house about 16:00. Depositing the check was easy, although I wasn't the only person with that in mind, so I had to wait a while until the car in front of me cleared out. Was originally thinking that my bank (which has had at least 3 names in the last >25 years, and currently has a green logo) was on R. -- a major N/S road 3 miles east of my house. Then I thought more about it and decided that I was wrong, and it must be on B. -- a major N/S road 3 miles east of R. Went to the highway and drove out to B. Went "South". (Well, I think of it as South. I turned right off of an E/W highway. I'm usually 90 degrees out if I try to figure out which direction I'm pointed in, except when I'm 180 degrees off, though.) Didn't see the bank I expected... but did see another iteration of our joint bank (which has had at least 3 names in the last >10 years, and currently has a green logo). Got to the intersection with a good E/W road that I figured would take me back to R, at which corner is a 7/11, and from there I could go north and see if my bank really was on R. after all. I turned onto the road that makes close to a 90 degree angle with the road I was on, rather than the hairpin one. *sigh*. I should have known something was amiss. Usually the full 3 miles back to R. I spend thinking I'm on the wrong road when I take the hairpin one. It goes through 2 names, one of which I remember, and the other of which starts with S. After a while, I began to wonder, because it seemed I was hitting more flashing red lights than I usually do. A few of these I could understand, since it had been a while since I'd gone that way, but this felt like too many. Plus it felt like I'd driven too far. I reached down and grabbed my GPS cradle, rummaged in my fanny pack for the GPS, and asked it where I was. I nearly laughed out loud when I saw that I was driving due South (on a road that starts with S). (The "south" road I had been on actually was a south-east road, as I just learned from the map.) I had gone nearly 6 miles south before I turned West. Took it to R. Stopped at the 7-11. I think I was charged the full price, not a refill -- I only had $1, and since I expected it to be close to 89 cents, I nearly only took that, but I took my fanny pack in. Good thing too. I had a few quarters, and needed them to pay the $1.47. But that was a bit of a grumble. It has been suggested that I could have poured it out and left without my soda, but I don't think I could have. Another suggestion was to go back in, and ask if they're still charging full price for refills, and if they are, leave without buying anything. But that's enough out of my way that I don't go there often. I did figure out a location for me to leave the mug so that it wouldn't tip over, and yet I could grab it and drink, even while driving. Went north on R. Found my bank. Finally got home about 17:30.

The not-so good stuff:

After changing my oil, I noticed a blister -- perhaps 6 square millimeters? -- between my index and middle finger on my right hand. I don't remember doing it, but I must have mashed it up against the exhaust manifold. *sigh**

Argued a bit with the spouse, who called. I had noted that the sticks and branches and whatnot still covered the lawn -- that's one of the reasons I hate doing it so much -- I need to pick them all up and put them into the yard waste bin, and it adds a lot of time to the process. I asked why, since mowing was one of the things accomplished before leaving on Friday, and was told that one can just mow over them (which may have something to do with the dull blades?) or just move them. "In other words", I said, "you just leave them for me to take care of". This drew protestation.

The other thing mentioned was that a certain task would be performed on Monday. I mentioned that this was sooner thant truly required, and the response was that I get upset when this task is not performed on-time-or-early. I got quite irritated at this. It means that my point has, yet again, been missed. I pointed out that being late is not the issue -- but having promised to do it by a certain date, and then, 3 days later neither having done so nor said why is the issue.

Missed the concert (and thus also the Borders shopping) I was hoping to do this afternoon. I had work-work to do between 12:30 and 13:00, and had not yet showered. By the time I was done with the shower, I'd not be able to make it.

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