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Home safely from FKO 
11th-Apr-2010 08:12 pm
Music, Travel
traveller42 & I are home safely from FKO. astro_not1 made it as far as our place and has headed on.

Good con. Some well-deserved awards were given out -- congrats to Kristoff, Mike & Jan.

Many good hugs given & received.

I parked by the wall and caught up on LJ & FB (as well as I could). Stayed up past 2 both nights. Got no reading and very little in the way of crafts done while there.

Heard more music than I would have had I been flitting around, but of course, I totally missed the folks who were singing in other rooms or the hallway, and I spent very little time in the con suite.

Met a new-to-me filker who has been around somewhere close to forever. I'd misspell her name if I tried to write it here...
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