mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

"Insurance companies might be less evil than people who bill them" or why I hate opening mail.

Back in January I went to my optometrist. I had just read in the statement of benefits that one visit a year would be covered, so I had the person at the desk check, and she discovered that indeed it was -- in full. She even interceded on my behalf when one of the other people tried to stop me from leaving before paying a co-pay which I did not need to pay.

A month or two ago I got a "this is not a bill" something in the mail from my insurance company indicating that there were 2 charges for "services rendered" on 1/20 which were denied.

I called my optometrist. The person at the desk checked, and told me that they actually HAD paid, and all was well. I asked why I'd have gotten mail about denied coverage, and she had no idea.

Today I got mail from my optometrist (Re: Mbumby) indicating that I owe a bunch for an exam from 1/20. It included the line: Your insurance company rejected services for Adrianne...

I am not now, nor have I ever been, Adrianne. What I am is Royally Pissed. I'm not sure whether the "simplest explanation" is that somehow someone else's document got put into my folder with my name on it, or that these people are trying to bilk the system.

And when I called the number on the mail, the first person told me she'd check into it, but instead transferred me to accounting, not telling me that was what she was doing. The second person I got is not the person who has my account (all she has is the paperwork that has my name on it that indicates "not paid") and HE is out today.

She told me she'd have him call me tomorrow. I asked if they had the correct number. (The home number would not be good, the work number would be acceptable, and Google Voice would be preferable.) Oh, she said, just call the number you called today. I pointed out that she had said that he would call me, and she huffed, "Well, is the information you gave us correct?" She finally gave out the last 4, and I determined that she had my work number, so I decided to just not screw with it.

(My adventure yesterday morning was opening mail from the zoo, which should have contained only my new card... but they got it wrong, I tried to use the web site to send them mail, requesting that the mail get sent to the address I gave. Nearly 24 hours later I have not gotten it, nor have I gotten any indication that it was actually sent. When I hit send, the screen flashed, and the message disappeared, but there was no indication that it had been sent, nor was there an error message. So I called them, and the incorrect card was an "oops, our bad" situation, and the woman I spoke to was very nice and competent, but I shouldn't have had to call! Plus they have no idea what the issue is with their web-mail.

Other than all of that, things are going fairly well... and I _think_ I just got an item in the mail (TODAY) which will enable us to file our 2009 taxes!

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