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See it LIVE!

Busy week.

Not only the stuff I've been doing at home, but we've been going OUT and SEEING things.

Wednesday last week, spouse & I went to the Purple Rose Theatre (in Chelsea, MI) for the first time. We saw the "World Premiere" of _Gravity_ by David MacGregor, a view into a short but important span of time in Isaac Newton's life. The "bad guy" had a lovely voice and played his various evil roles quite well. The set was spectacular. I don't tend to spend that much for tickets, but even so, there was someone in the audience talking about this being his third time going. It was a lovely show, and I'd like to see it again.

Saturday I saw some friends who belong to The Farmington Community Band in concert. Great show. There were a few surprises including a soloist performing with the band for one tune. I don't think I've ever seen a flute _do_ that.

Sunday, the spouse and I and another friend went out to see _Dixie Swim Club_ performed by the Chelsea Area Players in a dinner-theater production. I enjoyed the show a lot.

AND, the taxes are as done as we can get them. There is one further document we require prior to filing, but my fingers are crossed that we'll get it prior to the 15th. How did I cope before e-filing. (Oh yeah. Then my life was simpler, my taxes were simpler, and I got most of my stuff by early February, so I was less stressed about the timing.)
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