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Put me off books for a while

Bumby Bitches about Borders
The time-line as I've pieced it together:
November 2008 I bought many books, including 3 particular books from Borders Store X.
The bag containing these books was subsequently stolen by my gremlins.
January 2010 I bought many books, including 3 particular books from Borders Store Y.
I read several books, including 2 of those 3 particular books.
March 2010 I found the November 2008 bag. I noted the return with receipt time was 1 month.
3/27/2010 I went in to Borders Store X. Waited at the help desk for a busy person to finish with her customer. I brought with me the 3 pristine books from 2008 & the one I'd not read from January.
Scenes of "circles & arrows and a paragraph..." running through my head, I told her the story. I told her I expected that she was going to tell me I was out of luck.
She pointed out that since I'm a Borders Reward member, the deadline is 2 months, and since it was January 28th, I'm in time. I mentioned that the covers on the books I got were slightly different -- the new ones have a "Guaranteed Great Read" seal on them. She told me that that was not a problem, covers change. She checked the restocking number on the 2 older books (and indeed also on the book I wasn't trying to return from 2008) and told me it wouldn't be a problem. She radiod up to the front of the store so they'd be waiting for me.
Stood in a medium line. As luck would have it, I got the person she'd contacted. She starts to clear me... then she realized that 2 of the books are from *her own store* so she couldn't take them.
I explain how I had talked to someone at the help desk, explained the history of the books, and how that person said I could return them. The woman at the counter tells me she (herself) is the manager of the store and I cannot return them. Okfine. I suggest that she explain the problem to the woman at the help desk so that she not lead someone astray in the future. Now I learn that the woman at the help desk is her boss. Ok... The boss is called up. She says that she didn't know that the other books were from her own store, and indeed I could not return them. Stunned I let her put my return onto a gift card and leave.
Think on the way to the car. The only thing I can see being a problem is if they need to scan the return in, and need a book to match the recent receipt. I go back in and ask if I brought in the recent books which I'd read which match 2 months ago's receipt, if they could scan those in, but take the older books which were in good shape. No.
Yes, I was stupid to have lost the books I'd bought. I would have been annoyed with myself, but fine, had she told me right off that there was no way she could take books that were that old back. HOWEVER, she was perfectly fine taking those very same books back 10 minutes before -- if ONLY they had not come from her very own store. She was willing to instruct me to just try to return them on the same receipt as the book I had actually bought at the other store. (In effect tricking the computer.) However, even faced with a way to convince the computer that the books I was returning were from the receipt from 2 months ago more realistically, she's not willing to do it. It feels arbitrary and stupid. I'm not willing to bring back the ones I've actually read, even if they are in "saleable" condition -- just because I know better. Depressed. Angry. Very, very upset.

Bumby Bitches about Computers
I get home, and come to the computer, which is running several things, including both the taxes (yes, I saved recently) and Opera, which I hate starting up, because there are a couple of things that make noise that are still open tabs because I need to do something with them, and I had to do that this morning... Anyhow, the computer is displaying a Boinc screen saver. And I have no control. I can see the mouse move, but it doesn't interrupt the processing (if any). 3-finger-salute does nothing. Reboot.

Bumby Bitches about Knitting
I finish with the knitting project I was working on. I finish sewing my name on. I look again at something I'd looked at before and decides was okay. It's not okay. I need to take the whole thing apart. Only I wove the ends in so well that the only hint of an end I can find was from a skein change a bunch of rows back. And that was while I was working with multiple colors, and 2 colors are running together, so I'm ripping this one out, but it's not going to make it easier to do anything else for another row (about 350 stitches). And since I'm still pulling it through, I can't ball it. The 2 other projects I had to rip out within the last month were both not this far along, and were less traumatic, because with them I'm still exploring something new, and THIS is something I'd done before. Feh.

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