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Return of Macgyver Mouse & Gruel 
22nd-Mar-2010 12:45 pm
Pirate Mouse
We were both away over the weekend -- I at a convention, relaxing, having fun, socializing, and eating, and the spouse participating in The 21st Annual Bataan Memorial Death March which took place on Sunday in White Sands, NM. Not only did he meet some of the survivors of the actual Bataan Death March, but he completed a Marathon length event "Military Heavy". (I hope I'm not jumping the gun too much to announce this... I'm far enough behind that I don't know if he's posted yet.)

As to the rest of my weekend...

I really don't want to kill a mouse, so, even though I've found no recent sign of Mouse, before I left I closed the trap. There have been a couple of times that I've found the trap closed, but if one closes the back door firmly enough that might trip it, so I didn't consider that confirmation. When I got home, the trap had been moved several inches, rotated, and OPENED. I don't think the slamming door did that.

I spent the evening fighting with finances. (Last week I had set to work "closing the month" of February, figuring out how much I spent on what, and where we stand in the budget, and how much I owe the house. Late last week, I figured out I'd not closed January. oops. JUST before walking out the door for the con on Friday, I realized that something in January just was NOT balancing. 2 of my credit cards were off. (I figured it out and got it fixed after about 4.5 hours once I was home on Sunday.) THEN I went to put January into the budget sheet, which I knew I was going to recreate for 2010... and realized that I'd never put December into the budget sheet.) Arrrrgh! I cussed more than was good for anyone. I made good progress on February, and then decided I was too tired and needed to go to bed. After my bath, I decided that I was too stressed by not having finished February, or indeed some of my other stuff 10 days before, that I stayed up until nearly 1:30, finishing February.

But now I've accomplished all but 2 of the items I wanted to accomplish the weekend of the 13th, plus all but one of the additional items I'd wanted to accomplish this past weekend. My list now stands at 5 items. (Correction: As of part way through the next paragraph, 6 items.)

The spouse had suggested that he'd be sending me text messages from various parts along the path, and had indeed sent me one as he was starting, 9-something-ish my time. Noon-ish I was fretting a bit. 8-9 pm-ish I was fretting a bit more. I don't know when the call actually came in -- I think about 21:30 -- but yes, he had finished. And indeed had helped encourage a few others to finish. The lack of prior communication was related to the phone battery having been drained. (I don't know, but I hypothesize that this was abetted by bad cell coverage.)
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