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Driving to work today, northbound, I was stopped at a light. I noticed the Political Hot Dog Man on the corner with a sign reading "Free" giving away something green. I shook my head and he didn't even try to bother me. I briefly turned off my radio so I could be sure that the loud music was "Black Velvet Band". I briefly wondered if it was being performed by Blackthorn. I noticed a vehicle stuck at the same light, southbound. I briefly tried to figure out if it was some form of police vehicle or an armored car. I mused how it is said that "On St. Patrick's day, everyone is Irish" and I laughed at my clothing. Blue and black. Not a spot of green (or orange) visible (or invisible).

After the light changed, I moved north and the mystery vehicle moved south, and I had to laugh at the name/brand on the side: GARDA.
Tags: commute, humor, language

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