mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Victims of the Economy

Our next-door neighbors, who moved in about 5 years ago, were nice people. Probably still are. Couple of kids, a dog (who didn't have much use for me). But nice. Well employed, although my memory doesn't fill in doing what. Year and change ago, his job went away. His hunting yielded something down south, so the family picked up and left. For a while the house was rented to 3 college students. I never met them, but they'd sometimes shovel my portion of the sidewalk we shared responsibility for, so I figure they were nice too.

Yesterday, spouse noticed a notice on the door. Makes me sad. House is on the auction block. If I could be sure it would go for 1/10 of what they want, I might try to pick it up. An extra thousand square feet (at a guess) wherein to put the library and the craft room -- even the spare bedroom, and this house might no longer be Way Too Small. (I obliterated their names in the notice -- it may be public record and not really secret, but they were nice folks and I don't think they did anything wrong, so I don't want to muddy them.)

Anybody have a free day & wanna be my neighbor?
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