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Turn the Page 
29th-Dec-2009 01:37 pm
Waaaay back when, while still in High School, I bought one album from a mail order catalog my father got, a few from a used record store in town, and I joined RCA Music Club and got many cassettes. I didn't have much money, so I had to say "no, don't send me this" quite often, but I enjoyed what I did get enough that when I moved several states away I stayed with them. And when they became BMG Music Club? Service? I stayed with them still. I was overjoyed when they allowed me to say "Assume I'm going to say 'no'; only send me something if I mail the card back". And I accumulated a few coupons for free CDs.

When I got busy a while (a decade?) back I put my "3 free", my 2 "CD for $5.99", and my 50% off coupon into a "must do something with this soon" location.

Today I discovered a different need for that location, and I decided to see if BMG still existed. Found a Rolling Stone article from 3/10/2009 indicating that "...the service will cease to exist on June 30th [2009]"

I was THAT close! If anyone wants a collectors item of the $5.99 CDs or the 3 free coupons, let me know before recycling day.
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