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There and back again

Had a good, but exhausting, long weekend -- on Thursday we had an early dinner with 2 other couples -- and as usual I don't think I carried my weight when it came down to providing food, although in the consumption and appreciation thereof, I was right up there.

Friday morning we delayed our departure a short while due to the black ice that was accompanying Black Friday. Once on the road, though, we made pretty good time. Spouse drove while I did crafty things that I've just not been able to put enough time in on. And we listened to most of the rest of the CDs I'd gotten at WorldCon.

Chambanacon... was. It was a lot smaller than I remember it being. I heard that the head count was about 40. And there were ... issues -- none that affected me-as-an-attendee. The venue was a neato little Route 66 hotel that I think started its life as a motel. The con suite was wonderful. Other folks in the room used the nearby (apparently wonderful) exercise facilities for which we could get coupons at the front desk. I worked on catching up on LJ and FB and crafts. Didn't finish anything, but that's okay.

It was quite good to see all the folks there, especially Glen & Carol, Bill, Phread, and Steve & Family, whom I really only get to see at 'Bana anymore.

But I found myself thinking quite a bit of the old days in the Chancellor. All the people I just don't see anymore, the kids whom I don't know who dragged me into a card game, that staircase, the card game I couldn't get close to because it was in the smoking room. The huge filk room, hearing Steve doing the spoken piece about the still for the first time. Ernie. All the folks who just aren't local anymore. Walking down the street to the steak shop with a dozen other folks. "Red Sonja's". Even the dog I met one year whose name I remember but can't begin to spell.

Friday night we looked at the restaurant guide, and thought about Dr. BBQ, but when we got there (about a mile away, no sidewalks, we drove) we realized it was a probably-excellent drive-up-and-go place -- a small trailer and a smoker -- but since we were really thinking about sitting down, we went back to the Cozy Dog instead, which was about half-way back to the hotel. I was too tired, and not in the mood for the gaming that was going on -- and the filk hadn't seemed to really start up, so I went to bed earlyish.

Saturday morning we went out to Charlie Parkers, a somewhat hard-to-find restaurant in a Quonset hut for breakfast. For dinner we went to the hotel restaurant, which was okay food at tolerable prices. I took advantage of their $2.00 Margaritas, but that was as close as I got to eating Mexican. (If you don't count the chili dogs the day before.) I dragged my computer to the back of the filk room. It was small, but quite enjoyable. Lessee.... Brenda, Roper, Phil, Juanita, and Bill Rintz are the folks I remember performing.

The circle folded at about 1:30 local, and I was about to pack it in, but an interesting conversation ensued, and I was up for another hour. But then I fell down went boom.

I'm usually quite shy and timid, and don't tend to meet new folks, but I did introduce myself to one fellow, Bob Beese, who is quite interesting -- he is a magician, and even though I was seated where I could see though some of his performances, that only served to make the show more spectacular. He actually explained some of the simpler tricks, but one of the more jaw-dropping ones, when I asked about it, he wouldn't tell me -- which is fine and appropriate -- but I've become more interested in magic than I have been in several decades. (I don't have the stage presence, nor the skill with my fingers to do well any of the things I tried.) He also spoke of one of his other hobbies -- gem cutting -- and if his stories are to be believed, he's a whiz with one of my favorite stones, the opal, and I couldn't afford him.

Sunday morning we went back to Charlie Parkers, and 3 of us got the special -- a blueberry casserole (french toast cut up, cream cheese, and blueberries, with optional whipped cream on top). YUMMMMMMM!

We hit the road at 2:30 local, 3:30 on my watch, and my GPS thought we'd get home a bit after 9. But of course, she didn't know about stopping for gas. Or about the backup in Illinois. Or about it taking an hour to go the first 15 miles in Indiana. We finished the CDs I'd brought, and I did crafty stuff while spouse drove. Once home, we unpacked the car, I did my 45 minute walk, fell asleep in the tub, and managed to get to the bed a bit before midnight.

Monday morning I didn't hear the alarm at all, and when I woke up to the radio it was too late to do anything but pour myself into clothing and then the car.
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