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I didn't think to check the mousetrap in the pantry yesterday. Today when I got home I noted that it had been sprung. I hefted it and wasn't sure if it was occupied or not. I really didn't expect it TO be, since I've never caught a mouse before, and I've had these traps for 15 years or so. I opened it slowly, saw motion, closed it, and took a walk. We have a somewhat wild place not too far away.

Reaching my destination, I knelt by the side of the path, put the trap down, pointing away from the path. Opened it.

Nothing. Then slowly a long nose, very pretty brown & grey, emerged. (HOW EVER did s/he turn hirself around inside that little box!) Huge ears. Large beady black eyes. The most amazing whiskers. Eventually s/he emerged all the way. Turned around and started to scamper onto the walk I was kneeling on. Saw me, thought better of it, turned around, and went poing poing poing off into the brush.

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