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hey lady, is it plugged in? 
7th-Oct-2009 02:23 pm
Wednesday 10/7/2009 -- very frustrating morning.

I've been BUSY at work -- which means not even 10 minutes here and there to look at LJ & FB.

And I don't always get home early and competent enough to even read FB, so I've been taking at least 15 minutes in the morning to try to make headway in IYT, FB, LJ...

2 hours ago, a bit after noon I lost an IYT game because I'd run out of time. Hadn't been there for 2 days after my opponent played.

Yesterday morning, I'd been trying to catch up on the prior 10 pages worth of FB activity... I got through 5 of them when I ran out of time. It had been half an hour, not just 15 mins, and I was going to be late to work. Completely forgot about IYT.

This morning I got to the computer and it was quiet. No fan. Off. Wouldn't turn on . I learned later that there had been a wind storm going on overnight. Wonder if we took a power hit, and that did it. But I didn't see any of our other sensitive clocks flashing...

Hey lady, is it plugged in? I traced the cord to the 6-plug outlet I had, and it sure was. There was one open socket, though, so I unplugged it from the one and into the other. It finally came up. But with the AV stuff and all the other stuff that happens on boot, I didn't even have time to finish catching up to YESTERDAY morning at 8am.

Things got a little better once I got to work. A coworker had stopped by a market on the way in and brought us all some donuts & cider. It must be fall.

And I have just realized that I'm committed for Thursday night, Friday night (doubly -- there's the con, there's also a friend playing at a coffee-shop), all day Saturday, and some of Sunday. I hope I can get at least partially caught up tonight!

8th-Oct-2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
At some point, I just give up on trying to stay "caught up". I post a note saying "I'm behind, what did I miss" and hope that if someone has something they really need from me, they'll tell me without me having to skim 20 pages of Facebook trivia to find it.

It's worked thus far... (fingers crossed)
10th-Oct-2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
And at some point I may realize that I just can't... but I'm too stubborn now. And I've somehow always managed to catch up. Eventually. I may get there. But I keep hoping that if I can make it a habit, that I will be able to not get so far behind, and then it'll just be easier. (Most of the time at work there are small (2-minute?), occasional times when I can't get started on anything new, but I'm waiting on something to finish, and that's about perfect to scan the stuff that's come in in the last n hours. (For very small values of n.))
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