mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

Lessons for a not-very-lazy Saturday

Spent much of Saturday ripping up a floor. Here are some observations & rules.

1. Just because your radio comes on before 8:00 in the morning, and you've not yet heard the news at the top of the hour doesn't mean it's not after 9am. Thanks to C. for waking me up at 9:15. I finally got moving at 9:23.

2. Just because you're more "J" than most folks doesn't mean that when you show up at 10:23 for a 10:00 work-party, it won't already be in progress. **Cringe**

3. Pry-bars are good for removing the cruddy almost-particle-board just above a sub-floor... but with a hammer as well things move faster. Next time, bring a hammer or 3. It's not like I don't have them. Thanks to the folks who had brought nearly enough hammers so we could play "musical hammers" and rarely not-have.

4. A roof rake is a WONDERFUL tool if you're ripping up a floor. Thanks to S. for the loan and to D. for the instruction on the usage.

5. Ripping up a floor goes much quicker if there wasn't a special on nails when it was put in. Roof rakes work better when there's not a nail every inch or so.

6. Gloves are good. Next time bring gloves. If you think your hands will sweat, bring 2 pairs. Thanks to A. for the loan.

7. Grungy clothing is good. A-Hah! This time I remembered to bring my grungy shoes too!

8. The person cleaning up the mess being made will NEVER be appreciated enough. But they are invaluable. Thanks A.

9. If you don't wear eye protection, best hope your reflexes are good enough to close them blinkers fast. Worked for me this time.

10. If 3 people will be hammering in a small room, think of ear protection. Extra points if you think of it before you realize it feels like you've just left a Bowie concert.

11. Lunch never tastes so good as when you've been working hard. Especially Chinese. Yum. Thanks C&A.

12. If you end up sitting on the business end of a nail, even if you don't bleed all over everything, consider a tetanus shot. My last one was over 10 years ago... maybe it's time for a booster... so to speak.

13. A hot-as-you-can-stand-it turn-yourself-lobster-pink shower in the middle of the day can be wonderful. Until it's over and you have to step out into the only-reasonably-heated room.


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