mbumby (mbumby) wrote,

There goes the sun

This past summer I had not-much-time to mow -- It would often be dark when I got home, or I'd get tired quickly, or the electric mower would run out of juice. This enabled the Queen Anne's Lace to take over. Not wanting to risk the ire of the neighbors, I mowed most of it down -- but have left a small plot (in the middle of the yard) that I'm thinking of expanding into a wildflower garden. (The spouse may have other ideas.)


There was another section I didn't mow -- there were 2 suspicious flowers there -- about knee-high, with a complicated green mass behind the bright yellow flowers. Just below the bird feeder.

I'm glad I shot that lousy picture with my phone, because when I went out there last night there were no more flowers. I know Debbie would suspect the squirrels, but I know I've got lots of critters, and none of them were caught red-handed.
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