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Unexpected reward, enough blue to patch a pair of dutchman's britches

My flight home from worlcon was delayed about 4 hours -- as the plane that I was supposed to get on was delayed in Detroit due to mechanical difficulties. That plane never flew; they sent a replacement. I just got mail from the General Manager of Customer Care at NWA, giving me 2500 bonus frequent flyer miles and a personal apology. Wow.

Today I went to the park in the morning to walk with a group I never found, so I walked for an hour by myself. Didn't bring a jacket, and it was kind of chilly. The dark clouds above not angry, but were rather sullen. My mother taught me how to tell if it would clear up -- and those signs said "yes", but the clouds said "but we might dump on you first", so to hedge against the humor of the fates I brought my umbrella. About half way through my walk, a woman looked at my brolly and commented that it was a good thing that I was preventing the rain from falling on us all.

Later I was walking in the opposite direction from a father and a son-on-a-trike. The youth watched me with his mouth hanging open, and as I went past, he came to a stop, put his head down on his handlebars and just looked. I exchanged some words with the father about seeing the most unusual things while walking. Started taking stock of myself, wondering just what it was that was so unusual.

My next stop was a birthday party at a local restaurant. When I recounted the encounter with the child, the blue-tooth flashing in my ear was mentioned as being a likely candidate.
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