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Misc stuff 
15th-Aug-2009 08:48 pm
Just turned off "my guests" so I'll not trace who comes here.

Went to a reenactment (troops from just about everyone you can think of... I was confused about who was fighting whom) today out at Kensington Metropark. Ran into not only a bunch of friends, but also a co-worker and his family. Was going to joke that the cup I got at Tim Horton's on my way over must be insulated really well, because my coffee was still hot when I got back to the car.

Am woefully behind in all of my sites, as usual. 5 days away from a computer will do it to me. Hopefully I'll be caught up before NEXT year's worldcon. I worry about that. :-)

Got to speak to an old friend for about 4 hours last night. Yay! (On the cell phone, not during cheap hours. Boo!)

Am getting good service from my car insurer, but it took about an hour on the phone with... someone who was not the sharpest... ("What kind of car is it?" "Corolla... that's a Toyota". "... ... ... ... That's a _car_?" "Yes, a Toyota Corolla IS a car." and so on. Maybe she was hard of hearing, or the connection was bad... She called my main branch to get my policy number, but couldn't get it to work. Told me they'd call me back within the hour to let me know it was approved. If an hour were a Bajoran day, that would have been honest.)

Had something else I wanted to mention when I came over here... but do not remember what it is. Hope everything is going well for you-who-are-reading-this.
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