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Wanted to be at Greenfield Village today at 11:30 for a friend's performance, but I had a stack of things I've not managed to accomplish recently, so I decided I'd go out later. Love ragtime music, so I should enjoy it even if it's played by others.

Mowed the front. Felt like crap, so I took a mini-break to photograph one of my wild strawberries. When I was done, I ate it, but it was mostly tasteless. :-(

Started on the back. My eyes were offended, though, by the mostly dead grape vines clinging to the neighbor's tree. Don't remember if these were ones that I or the spouse cut off from the vines clinging to the back fence. Every time I've gone back there I've tugged on them and they've tugged back. Today I got mean and dug my heels in, and managed to (on the 2nd try) drag the biggest bunch off. About 8-9 yards nose-to-tail. With that, the yard waste bin was over-full, so I stopped picking stuff up. I'm thinking about, when it starts growing again and reaching for the tree, to try to train it along the metal fence between our yards. Noticed some raspberries growing along the middle of the metal fence. No fruit this year, but I made the point to not mow too closely to them.

At one point made the mistake of trying to pick up one of the mowed-down thistles, and discovered that (1) it wasn't quite disconnected, and (2) it was vindictive. I have an invisible thistle-bit in my thumb-knuckle. Finished the back perimeter.

Observed the bugs-with-orange-tail-bits having a blast on the downed pine cones. Saw some pretty, tiny, bright-pink-or-purple flowers. Observed that the Queen Anne's Lace (or clone thereof) is chest-high (on me) in places. Don't want to mow it down, but I will. I have ones with dark purple middles and pink middles.

Near the raspberry bushes that I harvested a couple dozen berries from, was some other invader wrapped around the deck-bits. And on the stalk, something that looks vegetable, but it really doesn't look like it belongs where it is, so I'm wondering if it's a cleverly disguised insect-hatchery.

After an hour and a half outside, I admitted defeat and came in. Am making cocoa (milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and a cinnamon stick. I really need to learn "subtle" -- I like it when I buy cocoa with cayenne in it, but when I try to make it myself I can only taste the cayenne, so I'll not try that today.) Once the batteries on the camera have finished charging, I'll go shoot the oddities I noted above. (Done. Although, it seems that the color I really wanted to see on the pink/purple flowers isn't going to come out, and there are now fewer bugs on the pine cones.)

It's about 1pm, though, so I'll probably say "heck with" my finances, my mail, skipping less than 750 in lj, reading anything on that other site, or doing any others of my daily tasks... Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able.
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