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Good morning all.

Busy at work. Busier at home. Computer acting up. Might have a trojan. If it's a false positive (which I expect), I have no explanation for the evil computer activity.

Art fair and Greenfield Village Ragtime festival (where an old friend is playing) and other music and work conflicted with camping trip a day's drive away this weekend, so camping lost out.

Went wild at art fair when I got out of work at 19:15 last night. Stopped at 5 booths. Bought 4 things at 3 of them, and got 2 free gifts and saw 1 friend from 30 years ago.

Watched a woman write a check for a single item, for about 3 times the complete balance in my checkbook, or 9 times the amount I spent at all the booths combined. Guess I spent more at one of the booths than she spent in tax, but YEEPERS!

Decided that 2 hours of walking, half of an hour of it (broken down into 2 roughly 15 minute intervals) at speed counted as exercise, so I actually managed to get to bed at 00:30 this morning rather than 45 minutes later.

Have now tried out the Burrito Borimex (on State) and they were pretty tasty.

Have needed to mow the lawn for most of a week, but due to getting home after dark or rain or exhaustion, it hasn't happened. And that's just the front lawn. The back lawn is about a foot thick now ... hope nobody calls the city on me.

Have seen some cute wild strawberries in the yard. Haven't harvested any yet, but if they're still there when I mow I will. Should shoot them first.
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