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And for everything there is a cost 
21st-Jun-2009 09:16 pm
I knew there were several things I wanted/needed to do yesterday -- and I figured they'd take up much of the day, but I hoped that today I'd be able to get some stuff done. Bed at midnight last night, and up at 10, I finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to do it all. Wanted to do some cleaning, to do my "daily" tasks, to close the month of May (figure out what I owe the house) before it's time to close June, catch up on FB and LJ (I'm not quite 1000 behind, so it's still "easy").

Also, it's Sunday, and I have missed for several years going to the UM Ballroom Dance classes -- I went for a while -- spouse & I were actually members -- and I even bought shoes (which I can't find) -- so I considered that.

Then I got tired, and at 2pm went down for a nap. Woke up at 6pm. Showered and ran in to Ann Arbor. Left my phone on purpose, since I didn't want to lose or break it -- and thus I managed to miss a phone call from the spouse. Oh drat and double-drat.
6th-Sep-2009 02:17 am (UTC)
But you did get to do something you enjoy and the phone did not get lost or broken.
12th-Sep-2009 10:04 pm (UTC)
True enough. But still didn't like missing a call.
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