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Well Adjusted? 
17th-Oct-2006 04:54 pm
Today didn't start off terribly well, so, if I'd not remembered my vitamins, and wanted something to take them with, I don't know that I'd have even gotten coffee (hey -- it's free -- and less hassle than tea) this morning. But I eventually did. At close to noon, I thought of the hot dog guy who usually comes by on Tuesdays.

But we usually get e-mail from a coworker when he's going to be here... or indeed when he can't make it, and I'd not seen e-mail. Seems the world shifted on me again -- I went back in time, checking prior Tuesdays and I can't find her mail on any of them either. *sigh*. Anyhow, I thought that I could be persuaded to walk a couple of blocks and stand in the rain for a couple of yummy hot dogs, and besides I had something to put in my car. So I went out to the car, and walked far enough to see that his cart wasn't there, and went back in. Decided to go upstairs and get 4 packets of chips (@ 25 cents) and eat them for lunch. I was most of the way up to the 3rd floor, when I realized:
1) Gosh, I like Qdoba better than chips -- or even hot dogs.
2) If only this were one of my Chiropractor days -- I could pick up Qdoba when he was done.
3) Aiiii! It is!!!!

I had a noon appointment. I ran back down to the first floor, grabbed my keys, etc., got out to the car in such time that if there were no-one on the roads I could possibly have made it on time even if I stuck to the speed limits. But the roads were cloggy, and I even gave up on making an unprotected left at one point, to go out of my way to actually be able to make it -- by about 11 minutes after. *sigh*.

Some visits he's made me wait quite a long time, but I still hate being late. But they didn't realize I was late, so probably it's "no harm done".

One friend (in a medical field) says terrible things about chiropractors, but I really do think he's helping me. At least he was at the start. There is less progress to make now, so I'm not seeing it as well.

I wish someone could/would come with me to watch the stuff he's doing and either tell me he's pulling my leg or gush about how weird it all is.

I recently told him that I didn't want to continue coming in every 2 weeks, since I wasn't seeing the sort of progress that could justify that sort of expenditure, and he agreed. So, it's been a month. And he did a lot of "oh my" at the start, and performed many adjustments.

And I'll see him in more weeks than we'd originally planned, since I mentioned I was going to Germany, and he said it's best to do an adjustment after a trip, so it'll be 7 weeks. Assuming I go and come back when I expect to.

Still haven't bought my tickets. Had planned to do that yesterday evening, but ... things got ... busy, and I ended up without the time or energy.

I did have some good luck this morning. At 5:15 or so there was a thump right near the bed. I didn't know what it was, and was too exhausted to check. When I finally dragged out of bed and turned the light on, I discovered that my suitcase (that I should pack for Germany soon) had fallen over. When I picked it up, I noticed that it had landed atop the (quarter full) tea cup I'd had by the bed last night, and hadn't noticed when I crashed. It had not broken the cup, and hadn't even knocked it over.
17th-Oct-2006 09:44 pm (UTC)
hee! The 1-2-3 thought process you listed... I've had thought sequences like that too many times myself! quite funny. (:
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