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misc stuff... nothing to see here ... 
19th-May-2009 08:54 am
I've finally completely used up the old bar of soap and started using my xmas 2007 gift -- a "lump of coal" -- peppermint flavored soap in a black lump. It's really yummy.

Last week when something fell from the sky and landed in the large pyrex measuring cup, I caught it before it hit the ground. I was not so lucky with the Xmas-themed, hand-painted candle thingy -- sort of a large hurricane glass in which were many small gold-painted rocks and a candle. I've started to clean up the glass -- slowly sweeping up the stuff, sorting the rocks (to reuse in a similar fashion?), the glass (to dispose of carefully), the bird-seed (to feed to the birds) and the insect carcasses and spider refuse to toss... oh, and that is where the mouse left all of its droppings... I think if I were smart I'd just sweep it all up and toss it out back -- the birds would get their seed, the natural stuff would return to nature, hopefully the glass would just sink harmlessly into the earth, and the gold paint would be non-toxic... So I guess that means that if I were more smart, I'd just sweep it up and throw it away.

The first step was to move the step-ladder that was wedged next to the wall. The next step should have been to put it where it couldn't fall over, but I wasn't that bright. The adrenalin rush from watching it fall toward the glass door onto the back deck was rivaled only by that when the back-brush in the tub fell down again at 4am. Good luck was with me, though, and the slats caught the step-ladder, and the door survived.

For the last few weeks, my pinkie and the next finger on the left hand have been numb-ish. Just like I managed to give myself "tennis elbow" a year and a half ago by knitting, I think I've done the same on the other arm by doing nothing in particular. The long muscle up the arm is tender in the same spot, although the symptoms are different. Last time I spent many hundreds of dollars to feel embarrassed that I was seeing a PT for weakness in my arm while others there were learning to walk with prosthetic limbs or after catastrophic illnesses or accidents. This time I'm not talking to the docs.

My exercise on Sunday night was a "see what my pulse is after x-distance at a constant speed" one. After 2km at 3.6 mph my right leg HURT. My shin was on fire. Yesterday it was pretty achy, and today there may be one spot, a bit above the ankle in front that is extra tender. I'll be monitoring that because it's roughly the mirror image of where my DFSP was on the other leg 20 + years ago.

Last Saturday, when I went out to pick up the mail, a pretty grey cat wandered over and let me say hello. A short while later I was going out the back onto the deck (ironically to feed the birds), and was a little surprise to see him out there asking to come in. That I did not allow, but I spent some quality time scritching a Walter-cat.
19th-May-2009 01:27 pm (UTC)
This time I'm not talking to the docs.

Numbness in your hands (and feet) can be a symptom of MS or other neuro-muscular diseases. If it's reoccurred without doing anything particular, you should go back to the doctor and be insistent about it.
19th-May-2009 01:45 pm (UTC)
It's the first time I've had numbness in the arm -- last time was the other arm, and was a weakness in the wrist. It seems to be much better after I take time to massage the very achy/tender area near the elbow where the pad on the "tennis elbow" brace-thing is. But if that stops aching and I still have tinglies, I will talk to a doc. Thanks.
19th-May-2009 11:09 pm (UTC)
I hope all your achy bits stop aching and feel better! Also, yay for kitty cuddles. *hug*
20th-May-2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
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