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I hate the (what I perceive as) American "waste" mentality. People are shocked that I do things that I can afford not to do. Yes, it takes more time to recycle than to just throw things away, but recycling is the _right_ thing to do.

(Yes, I have reason to view it as American. Back in my pre-and-early teen days, I visited 2 cities where garbage strikes had been going on. One was New York City. The strike had been going on for several days, and the garbage bags were many-feet deep on the sidewalk and flowing out into the street. The other was a Scottish city (Edinburgh?) -- where the joke was "How can you tell you're flying over [city]? Because you can see the Toilet paper hanging on the line." The strike there had been going on months, and occasionally one would see a trash bag.)

Anyhow, several years ago, I tried to figure out how to get local fast food restaurants to take reusable mugs for the beverages, but was told that if the logo of a different chain were on the mug it wouldn't fly -- and even if it were for the very chain, it probably wouldn't fly due to health rules, and fear of lawsuits. So I gave up.

Since then I bought a nice coffee mug from one of those coffee chains, and have been getting it refilled at a local coffee shop. AND on my recent drive across the country I had a (HUGE -- 64 oz) mug I bought at 7/11, and even in places where they'd never heard of that chain, the truck stops would let me refill, usually for less than a dollar. Step in the right direction.

And then today, I had 2 tasks I really wanted to accomplish, and... well, I've not started on either. As I went to do the first, I was reminded of laundry. So I'm in the middle of that now... but when I got downstairs I noticed the old lint trap that the spouse had promised to clean out... About an hour later I'd finished pulling all the lint out. Yeah, I can afford a new one, but I'm morally opposed to chucking the old one while it is still able to be rejuvenated.

Now on to paying bills and the like.

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