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Another Tuba Christmas 
20th-Dec-2008 04:03 pm
Music, Travel
After my failure to be able to hear all of the Tuba Christmas concert in Ann Arbor because I was too cold to sit through the whole thing, when it turned out my friend was playing in another concert in Howell, under an hour away, I decided to go.

It was going to be held outside, with a contingency of an indoor venue in case of inclement weather.

What did I wear?
I'm still not convinced that it is possible for me to wear enough stuff to actually be warm outside, but, not wanting to hear "you should know better", I dressed warmly.

Above the standard undergarments, which I will leave to your imaginations, I wore long silk underwear -- top & bottom, standard waffle-knit long underwear, t-shirt, button shirt, sweat shirt, pants, 2 pairs of socks, and some fancy boots, which are not broken in yet, although I bought them about 5 years ago. Had pair of fancy-warm gloves, my bomber hat, a scarf, and a down coat.

I figured I'd not be able to drive wearing the completely non-flexible boots, so I started off with them in the passengers foot well.

What did I learn?
 (1) If there is a car stuck, pretty much at the foot of your driveway, and you spent about a minute and a half putting shoes on to help push, you will not want to take those shoes off again, despite the clumsiness they cause while driving. (I think I stalled the car more today than in any two months since I bought it.)
 (2) Even if you go the other, correct, legal way around the circle, that won't stop you from getting stuck too.
 (3) I don't know who it was who shoveled/blew/threw the snow from a small section of the road near the circle, but I think I like them.
 (4) Getting stuck once does not preclude getting stuck a second time at the other end of the street.
 (5) I guess in Howell, "22 degrees", despite the fact of sunlight and no precipitation, counts as "inclement weather".
 (6) Just because a place is called "the Opera House", that does not mean that there will be any seats for the audience.
 (7) Clothing designed for standing outside in 20 degree weather is not quite the same as that I would have chosen for standing inside a warmed building shoulder-to-shoulder with many other people... However, unzipping the down coat, removing the gloves, and loosening the scarf was all I needed to do to be comfortable.
 (8) I have narrow feet which s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t when I walk, and non-broken-in boots will do one of two things -- cut off the circulation in the feet, or cut off the circulation in the back of the leg. Or both.
 (9) From a position of sitting on the floor, even though one leg is partially asleep and one is wearing enough clothing that one really doesn't bend, with enough determination one can actually stand up.
(10) As always, a good time was had by all.
21st-Dec-2008 09:50 pm (UTC)
"Oh, no ... not another 'learning experience.'"

I'm glad you had a good time, despite the unintended educational episodes.
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