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The week of eating Mexican

I ate a LOT of Mexican, and pseudo mexican food this past week:

This mostly doesn't count, but Sunday, after Tuba Christmas, I got an appetizer that included chili.

Monday, before attending a meeting on the west side of town, I stopped at the Taco Bell. (Ok, that really mostly doesn't count either.)

Tuesday, after my chiropractic appointment I got a burrito at Qdoba.

Thursday, for dinner, with a friend, before a meeting out at WCC, I ate at Zorro's for the first time. They're located right near my comic store (Golfside quite near to Clark/Huron-whatever for y'all local folks), so I see them every week. It was a shame they weren't more crowded. The food was excellent, and although it wasn't on the menu I could get Horchata to drink. Spicier than I'd had it before. Quite delicious. I would recommend this restaurant.

Friday I met another friend for lunch. El Camino Real -- tucked into the Briarwood mall area. It was okay. I mean, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't terribly exciting. And we spent more on lunch than I had on dinner the day before -- and I was far more impressed with dinner. This place (location, location, location) though, was quite crowded.

Saturday I _could_ have suggested a mexican place for lunch, but decided not to. At that point the only reason to would have been to have another entry to make in a blog-post...

Sunday for lunch I had some of the leftovers of the chili from the prior Sunday, and then for dinner went to Camelia's out in Farmington-something (12 mile quite near Orchard Lake). Very, very yummy. As always.

I didn't set out to do that, but I was amused.
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